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The Georgian Tearoom in Stroud, Gloucestershire, is a family run business offering a moment back in time to an opulent era.  Located in the stunning area of the Cotswolds, Stroud is renowned for its rich culture and history, and once likened to as 'the Covent Garden of the Cotswolds' by  Jasper Conran. Our services are offered in a stunning Georgian building where a long and impressive list of affluent residents lived. 

The Fayre

By 1758, modern cooking techniques began to emerge with Sarah Phillip's ' The Ladies Handmaid' wherein she instructs cooks to use the minimum liquid and minimum cooking times for vegetables, sounding very modern. Artichokes and French beans were popular, as were cucumbers.  Many of the recipes we use today are modified from recipes regularly eaten by the Georgians.  It was a time of much more variety and all people ate better food.  Albeit much of it was unhealthy

Monks from Downside Abbey in Radstock discovered a Chicken Curry Recipe dated 1793, in a private collection from Begbrook House near Bristol.  This evidences the love Georgians had for curries and spices

Customer Parking At the rear. Please get your free permit from the tearoom

"What a lovely contribution to Stroud and its history. Thank you and Well Done"

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